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use calendar checker plus as standard calendar

hi there
i am using the add on calendar checker plus and when using the button google calendar, I get to the google calendar opening in an entire chrome tab. 
now, seems that the google calendar has changed as the new calendar has no features as the lab where you could change the background color... it is now all in white background! how horrible! the checker plus on the other hand is in nice dark theme!
is there a way to use only the checker, i.e. when opening the calendar i get the checker calendar opened in the chrome tab`?


  • edited February 2018
    1) Refer to the Option > Button > Button click action
    2) Refer to skins and themes https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Skins_and_Themes
    in particular the [Cal events] Black font & [Cal events] Match font color with event color
    3) Send me screenshots next time to give me better context of the issue.

  • thanks. that was it. what i was looking for.
    now, i am using the black background already. how can i change the color of the meetings then?dfthdf
  • sorry.. here is the screensot... i'd like to have my invitations in nice red
  • You can set each event to have its own color, just click it and use the color palette button.
  • thaThank you Jason. I am synching with my office calendar, so I am not doing a lot in the calendar itself on google/your calendar is there no predefinded setting of the color possible? on google calendar I have red as default set . strange that it is not taking the same color here
  • ah I got it, the default behaviour for the Dark theme is to invert ALL colors in the popup, hence why the red is also inverted to look greenish/blue. I'll open a ticket to find a solution, for now, I would recommend removing the Dark theme if you want to see the specific event colors.
  • thanks jason. i prefer dark withte color I have now for meetings than the white background with red meetings... 

  • so i am looking forward for a bug fix then. thanks
  • Ok fixed!
    Go to the skins and themes dialog and click the Refresh button...

  • fantastic!! just perfect and fantastic fast! thank you very much

  • one more thing though Jason, in the checker calendar, when creating a new entry,  I am missing some features as the comments section or the section where you can make entries private or public available, or your calendar will block or make available the meeting time etc... 
    can that be activated in the checker calendar too?
  • i'll take note of it, thanks.
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