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copying hyperlinks / opening hyperlink in a new tab

Hi Jason,

Is there a way to add / allow hyperlinks to be open in a new tab from the email preview?
This would allow the user to open the link in a new window / tab while leaving the email status being unread.
Currently only ctrl/shift + left click allows this behaviour, it's not possible to do right click > open in a new tab / windows.
Similarly it's also not possible to do right click > copy link address



  • Are you referring to the context of the summary preview (before you click the summary to open a larger preview of the email) ?
    Because your right in that context it will only lead you to opening the email in a larger format.
    From that larger format you can just use the Ctrl+left click and it will open the links in a new tab without leaving the popup window.
  • hi Jason,
    Thanks for the quick reply. Yes I mean the summary preview indeed. would be nice to have additional options in the contextual menu
  • I've decided to open a ticket with the Chrome team since this is a general issue with all extensions, you can star it here for updates - https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=372255
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