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Solution in short for Google search not working on chrome

Method I – Delete the Browser History Though it is a temporary fix but you can surely give it a try. You simply need to delete your search history and browsing history.

Open Menu. (Click on 3 dots on right top) Click on History. Now click on Clear browsing data. Right tick all the boxes and simply Clear browsing data. Now after that, you need to perform some advanced data clearing.

Click on Settings. Scroll down click on Show advanced settings. Under “Privacy”, click on Clear browsing data. Checkmarks the following four boxes: Clear browsing history Clear downloaded history Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data Empty the cache Do not checkmark on 4 options (unless you want to clear this information too):

Clear saved passwords Clear saved Autofill form data Clear data from hosted apps Deauthorize content licenses google-chrome-proxy-and-firewall-not-working Google Chrome Proxy and Firewall Not Working

Method II – Reset your Firewall Settings You need to reset your Firewall to default, this actually may be a permanent fix as some of the inbound or outbound rules of the firefox may block the search engine to load in your browser. Go to Control Panel on your PC. Open the option Windows Firewall. Here you will see an option of Restore defaults. Open it and click on Restore defaults. Once done simply restart the browser and you will see you search engine giant working as good as it should.

Source : If Google Search Not Working on Chrome

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