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Checker plus for Nextcloud?


I love the checker plus addons and use all 3 and I know this is a stretch, but is there any change (or possibility) that you could make something like Checker plus for Google Drive, but for Nextcloud/Owncloud?

best regards


  • Thanks for the feedback, ill take note of it and wait for more comments. What is the main differences between Google Drive and nextcloud?
  • Nextcloud is a selfhosted google drive/dropbox etc. It allows you to install additional addons as well, such as calendar, contacts, mail, office suite.

    Thanks for your reply.
  • I second the need for this. With everything going on in the world i have taken a real strong interest to moving into the FOSS space for all my app, software and services.

    I have migrated from google calendar into NextCloud calendar, the last thing i need is to find a way of having notifications for this calendar directly visible in my browser.

    I appreciate any consideration you can give to this, you would be a hero for your contribution to the privacy and data security movement if you were able to build this.

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