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Problem With Twitter & Entire Page Option

I did search, but didn't find anything about this problem with Twitter.  I'm trying to grab this Tweet using the Entire Page option:
twitter [DOT] com/Robknowsxxx/status/963424159215816711

1st I tried to grab it by clicking on the Tweet in his timeline:
twitter [DOT] com/Robknowsxxx
but that gave me this:

So then I copied the link & opened it in a blank tab & got this:
twitter [DOT] com/Robknowsxxx/status/963424159215816711

I did grab it with 2 separate Selected Area crops and then threw the images on a page & grabbed it that way, but I thought you'd want to know about this Twitter issue :)

BTW: Love the extension!  I think I threw you a couple bucks, but I'll shoot over a couple more now :)

EDIT: Posting the URLs automatically loaded the Tweet into my post, so I edited the URLs.
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