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Doesn't save events when save clicked

I added an event for March and clicked save. When I checked later the even't was missing! I have a doctors appointment next month, so I set a reminder... or so I thought.


  • Can you do another test save for tomorrow and let me know if that works? It should confirm upon saving.
  • Didn't save. Could it be because I haven't donated yet. I am out of money for this month. If this the cas then I will have to find another way to remind me of the appointment as I don't get anymore money until March. Social Security Disability doesn't pay much and the money disappears quick after rent, electric, gas, ect...
  • You can still add events by using the big red plus button and type the title and  click save.
  • A test seems to have worked. Thanks. I will donate in March after I do the bills and see where I am at. I can't afford to donate to everyone in the same month.I will get to you. It just takes a few weeks.
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