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Small Ad Window in Outlook


  • I saw some posts a few months ago saying this was resolved but I"m not seeing the fix. I'm on
  • Can you send me the url of your outlook tab, because it looks a lot different than mine, notice the delete button is positioned differently and even the header says Outlook Mail, mine only says Outlook

  • It looks like you're part of the Outlook beta? I've been avoiding that like the plague :P
  • But here's the screenshot you need with the URL
  • ah you're right, I haven't really seen much of a difference between those, but yeah it appears to work in the beta. it seems i only get the ad when I click "Other" instead of "Focused" mails.
  • Yes sorry I didn't post it in the correct folder. But you're correct it only shows up in the "Other" not in the "focused" mail as you said.

    Would you be able to fix it in the non-beta and spare me the horrors of migrating :) I mean I get that probably eventually MS will force me to migrate to the beta stream at some point. I understand that its sort of double work for you, so if you don't want to implement I understand
  •  I tried the beta and didn't like the loss of ability to enlarge individual emails. Here is the ad in the "Other" box -- is there a way to get rid of it? BTW the font here seems to be white and so is invisible. I had to CTRL+A to proofread.
  • Font is black once posted
  • @BrianHaviland I'm going to wait till Outlook stabilizes and probably pushes that beta look live to everyone, because it's a lot of effort and pushes for something temporary.
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