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Nofitifcation still poping up for a deleted recurring event

I set up an event for the month in google Calendar, that I deleted a few days later and all the recurring instances were deleted from the calendar as well.
However I am having a daily popup from the checker regarding that deleted particular event.Strangely it shows the daily recurring event in the checker calendar view but not in the google Calendar itself.
Any suggestions?


  • Try clicking the refresh button in that popup window.
    But also do another test by adding an event in your Google Calendar and see if syncs with my extension within few a seconds. If it doesn't let me know and well go through it.
  • Refreshing didn't do the trick.
    I added a test event, it synchronized instantly
  • I also deleted the event and refreshed in the pop up window, it deleted the event in the extension's calendar, but the recurring event is still there.
    So I was playing with the view in the window, I tried the month view and refreshed, the recurring event was still there, I changed the view to 4 weeks and refreshed, it deleted the recurring event!
    Problem solved.
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