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Suggestion Office 365

Hi I just started to use your checker plus for gmail for my personal email and it's Great!

I'm also a developer and most of my day I need to be available in my Work Email and see my Work Calendar and it is on Office 365 as for most.

as a web developer I'm all day in the chrome anyway and I'm annoyed with the fact i need to open outlook as it takes too many cpu and time to load I would prefer be available in chrome for most basic tasks without the need to use outlook.

if you could it would be great to add Office 365 account integration without the need to go to their portal.

Let me know what you think :)


  • You could sync your Outlook calendar with your Google Calendar and use my extensions. Have you considered this?
  • I Could Check into this but what about Emails and reply from my Work email
  • ok this solutions is working after using the pop and sync calender with office 365 flow both ways, not the best solution but works, since read email in pop wont show as read in exchange and exchange rules does not work on pop.
    anyway thank you very much
  • Glad to hear, you could always recreate the exchange rules using Gmail filters.
  • Yea i can, but my point is that i am as an admin in both sides could do it and i had to move all things in exchange to new gmail, but a standard user in any company could not do these flows and generate new password for pop if he has 2 step auth in office 365 so you should think going wider to another group of users who would want these extensions in daily work use.
  • edited February 2018
    Good points, i did some research and found there were few outlook extensions and of those there were few users. My assumption is the demand is not quite there, but I'm not sure why? 
  • i saw these extension they just let you see number of unread or jump you to the full portal, non of them give you full use without going into the portal like you do with gmail, as for office 365 in general i think its the most used email server for all businesses so if you could give this feature to the user alot would stop use the portal or outlook in their pc
  • good point, they already have an email client like Outlook, that's why they are not looking for an extension. I'm not sure I could entice people away from a full blow client like Outlook.
  • true, there is an email client...

    but not all of us use the email client, because sometimes the email client takes too much RAM or processing if I already am using the browser to work around and some other apps that need space in RAM... so my guess is that because there is no extension, people is opting for the email client, yeah is good, but in the end is the same as having the full portal open, so it takes RAM, that's why it would be good if you could expand to create an extension for outlook users... I personally prefer to have only 1 program open than many... and I like using the extension because I don't have to open the gmail tab to read emails or even click on links on the emails... So it would be really good if you could do it...

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