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Is it possible?

I am wondering if it is possible to set 2 times of day for notifications of new emails? Specifically I want to see notifcations at 10a and 4p every day of the week. I have several gmail account and one Google Apps premier account for my personal domain. Also, just a question, is your jasonsavard.com a WordPress or is it done in Google Apps? Eric


  • In the Accounts options way at the bottom is the "Polling interval" you can set that to 5 hours and that simulate the desired effect for you.

    As for my jasonsavard.com, it is neither one :) can I ask why?
  • I like the nice clean layout. Polling interval has max 5 hour. I would like to have notifications at 10a and 4p, is this possible? I noticed that you have to be logged in to all accounts to be notified with you app, is that correct?

  • negative, i could easily add more polling times, but creating logic for certain times is more complicated.
    and yes i do not remember you credentials so you must be signed in, Chrome and Gmail do the remembering for me via cookies
    thank for site compliment it's gone through a mini makeover recently.
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