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Question about permissions

First off all thank you and congratulation for creating some of the most professional and well made extensions that I have ever seen!

Would you please confirm, when I sign in using Google account and grant the following permission, does it mean that you/your server (jasonsavard.com) can potentially read the content of all of my emails?

Checker Plus for Gmail™

Has access to Gmail

Has access to:  View and modify but not delete your email

You gave this app or service permission to access your data. This URL should be similar to the app or service’s homepage.


  • Good question, note that you could use the default auto detect settings without any permissions. The add account option does require a server to initially grant permissions, more info https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Chrome_sign_in_vs_Google_Accounts_sign_in
    But my server is never used again for any other purpose. I encourage you to seek advice from any other developer to also confirm my extension code does not reference my server for anything concerning your data. 
  • Not sure if this is the correct spot to ask but--- I need to provide unobstructed access to WordStream. How do I do that???
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