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Screenshot on Linux

It appears that the Screenshot app doesn't work on linux, I ran it on the same browser on windows no problem and then on Linux it just blacks out the page and captures nothing.  Will this be fixed or is there some workaround?


  • Which grab methods have you tried? all of them?
  • I just tried Selected area, Entire page, Visible page and each time it opens up another tab and is black.  One thing I didn't think about that popped up with I tried Screen, I have dual monitors and when I chose the correct one it worked.
  • I just moved the browser over to the other monitor thinking it would use that video card but it did the same thing.  Also, I am not using the NVIDIA drivers for my card in linux if that would make a difference.

  • This did work before by the way on this same machine

  • I just installed it on Firefox and it worked fine.  It isn't working on Chrome.
  • Any suggestions?
  • My assumption is the issue lies with the specific configuration of the machine as you pointed out to the possible monitor conflict or maybe chrome. The code base is the same across both my firefox and chrome extensions.
  • Thanks, one thing I haven't done yet is close down the browser and try it again.

    Your Checker plus apps are great by the way.

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