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Which cookies Checker Plus for Gmail use?

Hi, Jason! 

I started using Cookie AutoDelete last night (it's super useful for me), but I can't somehow find which cookies are used by your extension and so every Chrome restart I have to login in Checker Plus again and again.
Would be grateful for a little tip on that matter :) 


  • My extension uses data to save it's options, but it autodetects your gmail cookies to see if your signed in, so visit your other extension's options and whitelist/exclude *.google.com
  • Naturally it works like a charm :) Thanks, Jason! 
  • I know this is over two years old, but I've whitelisted *.google.com and it is still removing my cookie for this amazing addon.

  • @JohnëFAKESENSFAN have you tried disabling all extensions or software that block cookies or other.

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