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Clicking extension button in Chrome does not open full window

When I click the Checker Plus button in Chrome it opens a a shrunken pop-up window and I have to press the button a couple times to get it to open a full window. I'm using MacOS.


  • Can you try reinstalling the extension. 
  • Just tried it, still having the issue
  • edited December 2017
    Can you try updating the Chrome browser to v63
    have you always had this issue
  • I just updated, still having the issue. I don't think I always had the issue. I've noticed it in the last few months maybe.
  • Yep that's the same issue. It looks like it's still unresolved?
  • Yeah you can star it to follow the Chrome team's progress. I believe there is workaround mentioned somewhere in the thread.
  • Ok I starred the issue. It looks like I've already reinstalled to the versions people mentioned and I am still getting the issue so I'll keep an eye on it
  • I've noticed that I only have this issue when I "Switch to inbox". When I am in Checker Plus mode, the popout works without issues. However, I prefer "Switch to inbox" so that I can continue to see emails in the popout window even after I have read them. Hopefully this can help with the bug, or is there a setting I can change so that I can continue to see "read" emails in Checker Plus mode? It's a little annoying that the emails disappear from the popout window just because they are marked as "read".
  • The issue is indeed very specific to Inbox view but only with Mac users. I offer the inbox view for those who want a more complete inbox management and the Checker Plus is for quickly handling incoming emails mainly. I've noted the bug and added it to my queue.
  • I'm clicking it in the taskbar and it's never opened Chrome in full screen for me, I can't see an option for it, can we get one?
  • @RyanClemens Please open a new discussion and send me screenshots of the issue.
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