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Bugs happens when creating event at specific time

Hi Jason. I think there is a bug in the Checker Plus for Google Calendar plugin..

If I create an event at a specific time (For example 19h10 like you can see in the following picture)

It will create an event for All the day, with the specified time (19h10) in the title, instead of creating an event AT the specified time (without having it in the title)

When editing the created event:

I think this might be a bug but maybe I'm missing something ?

Thanks for your answer


  • Did this work before?
    Does this work with the quick add from the classic Google Calendar webpage?
  • I don't really know if this worked before. Usually, I'm setting event at hour time (19h, 20h, etc..)...but not really with minutes included... So I don't know if it worked before.

    In Google Calendar webpage, I can set the time before saving the event (but It does not have any effect when I put time in the title..It looks that only you have this awesome feature ;-)

    So In Google Calendar, when setting time at 12h10, it will create this event at the specified time as you can see on pictures..

  • oh interesting, I learned something new, it seem XXh and XX:XX works, but not XXhXX
  • Lol..You're right... Just noticed it too... Haha ;-)
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