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Explicit formatting consistency


Firefox has a long standing issue (at least on Linux), that your OS theme colors bleed into the FF UI and webpages. As a result, if you use a dark system theme everything that does not have explicit formatting, relying on the assumption that unformatted BG is white and unformatted text is black will instead get the system colors that are the reverse.

When you specify BG color explicitly to a light shade but don't specify text color, I'll have near-white text on near-white background. See:

Please if possible do not specify either colors, so that the UI will simply take my system colors for perfect integration with my system. But if that is absolutely not possible then please at least specify both!

Thank you in advance.


  • Here is another example of non specified colors (taking on system colors) mixing with specified ones:

  • excellent description and screenshots, makes my life easier, this will be fixed in the next update, thanks.
  • Sorry, I just saw your reply now.

    I'm glad I could help. Thank you, and keep up the nice works!
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