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Delete Emails Errors


This issue is going on since 2+ months in which when I delete multiple emails bit faster, say 1-2 seconds for each delete, then after 6-8 email deletes it immediately showing the error in a separate alert/notification, please check this here - https://prnt.sc/hdfig2

Also, no emails are deleted after that popup errors though I continue to click/delete emails from the popup.

- Thanks


  • Try switching detection method https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Account_sign_in_methods
    Or use a Gmail filter to reduce these unwanted emails. Essentially your busting the safeguard frequency quota
  • Ok, I will try, but how does switching accounts is related to delete feature?  About unwanted emails, I meant not spams, but regular emails and need to delete them after reading.  What is the safeguard quota?  Maybe you can hide/blur those deleted emails from the main list, and delete them via a background process later rather than displaying the error notification that doesn't help anything.
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