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Jasonsavard.com Website Blank In Firefox 57/Quantum

I am a long time user of your extensions, so thank you! I made the switch from Chrome to Firefox Quantum and unfortunately have been experiencing some issues with the website. It appears to be blank and I have tried several links, including this forum with no luck.

I appreciate your reply! Side note, I paid for the premium option on Google Chrome, how do I import my premium purchase to Firefox?

Thank you.


  • Can you flush the cache and send me the browse console errors on my site.

    As for the features use this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Already_Contributed
  • Flushed the cache and here are the errors
  • Excellent details, are you sure you cleared the cache, can you try in incognito mode, also I was told the extension lastpass causes issues, as last resort can you try disabling it.
  • edited November 2017
    I did clear the cache and tried incognito mode with the same result. I disabled LastPass and sure enough, that was the issue. 

    Is there a fix for this issue coming soon? I use LastPass very frequently throughout the day and the extension helps immensely. 
  • I'll reach out to them as they might be affecting other sites. Thanks for the feedback 
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