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[FF v57] "Ghosting" issue

First off, I absolutely loved the extension on Chrome and it was pretty much the only reason I kept using Chrome. With news on this extension making its way to Firefox I could finally make the jump, and so I did. It's not as perfect as the Chrome extension yet, but who knows what the future will bring, for now I'm just glad to see it ported.

I have this small issue though, when scrolling through an email, the background isn't plain white. Instead it's just a "copy" of the mail I'm currently viewing. This can cause some major issues especially when the email isn't using a custom background. While the dark grey background might be a side effect of my Windows theme, I cannot explain the origin of the ghosting. If I stop scrolling and wait for a few seconds the background will eventually "catch up", being in alignment with the email itself again.

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