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Screen Shot Issue

My problem is when I want to capture more of the page that goes off the bottom of the scroll/screen I can't get it all. Very frustrating. Any fix for that. Otherwise I like the program.


  • Which pages in particular?
    All of them or can you mention a few?
    and I'm presuming your using the 3rd choice "Grab entire page"
  • Its anything that goes off the screen.  If I want to capture a large article on my e-newspaper, the only way I can get it all is to reduce it so its all on the screen and then it captures it too small to read.  Plus if I use capture selected area, it doesn't allow you to scroll down over the part off the screen.   I don't think its any particular site.  
  • I am frustrated by this as well. Two years later. Is there any way to capture a screen that is below visible and needs to scroll to be seen?
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