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I'm not receiving notifications

Has the extension not been working lately? I'm not receiving documents uploaded/moved to a shared folder. Checker for email works beautifully.


  • got notifications today - so still working for me.
    try re-installing the extension.
  • Thank you for the quick reply....does it not work for G-Suite/Google for business?
  • Unless you see errors than it should work.

    ps. I noticed you are using Chrome beta which I don't support. 
  • I've tried in standard and beta.....and made sure they were up to date. Uninstall/Reinstalled...nothing.  

    Other extensions use: Grammarly  and right inbox for google...could they interfere?  Could it be my firewall...or that both accounts are from the same company?  Harmonyinhealth.net (GSuite)
  • Could it be my firewall?
  • For the tests to work, ensure that someone else is modifying the documents and not yourself.
  • I am the one physically modifying the document but under another account (JessicaNP@harmonyinhealth.net). Does this make a difference? 
  • as long as it's a different email but maybe i've matching names also, can a completely different user modify it, just to make sure.
  • Hi Jason, It's not working for me either since I two weeks I guess. Based on this thread, I reinstalled the extension today, revokes the authorisations and all the settings. I then get one of my file shared to another account and modified it, and indeed I don't get any notification and from the extension, if I refresh, nothing either. Regards. Julien PS: I noticed that on Chrome, the box where I'm typing my text is still having a bug since the text is white and not visible as you type it.
  • Ho, I just got one, forget about it.
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