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In Japanese Yahoo mail, it doesn't work well.

Hello Jason,

I downloaded your Webmail Ad Blocker.
Thank you for your this application. It is very helpful for me.

It works well in gmail.
But it doesn't work well in yahoo mail.
I'm Japanese, so, I use Japanese-Yahoo Mail (mail.yahoo.co.jp)
In Japanese-Yahoo Mail, there are 3 ads in mail screen.
I attached screenshots.
Could you support for Japanese Yahoo Mail?



  • Because Yahoo Japan seems to be in "Beta" (it says it at the top left in your screenshot) ... I will have to wait till they remove that and the Yahoo Japan website changes are final because the code could break or change very frequently.
  • Oh, I'm sad.
    Yahoo Japane Mail (Beta) was not updated from 2012 September.
    This is stabled, isn't it?
    Until when do I wait? 
  • Because Yahoo Japan actually looks like the old version yahoo.com or even yahoo.ca, I suspect it will eventually happen or it might not happen at all, but I really don't know, sorry.
    I suggest your search for possible other extensions from other developers which might already have a solution
  • Okay.
    Thanks for your advice.
    I will search other extensions.

  • Hi Jason,
    Japan Yahoo Mail was versionuped.
    My Yahoo Mail is not BETA now.
    Could you commit Webmail Ad Blocker for Japane Yahoo Mail?
  • It seems the Yahoo Japan is very different from the regular Yahoo Mail (north america and europe) and I don't think I will be able to support it until it looks similar to this: http://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/yahoo-mail-desktop-inbox-message-list.jpg
    Because I cannot test to this Japanese version unless I'm in Japan :)
  • Oh,,,I'm sad...

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