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Not quite rendering properly...

upon click on checker plus, sometimes getting a not-rendered-quite-right display where there is a white bar down the right-hand side of the pop-out/drop-down....(screenshot is far better at describing this, see below)... running very few extensions (most of which are yours, thank you).


  • yeah i noticed this mac only issue.
    What % of the time does this happen?
    If you click something in the popup does it fix itself?
  • would need to do more focused observation, but happens perhaps 50% of the time... can sometimes alter browser position or window size to effect positive change (get rid of the white bar)... typing this on a newer mac and cannot reproduce the issue... sorry, I'm not much help without a bit more study... typically see the issue, for me, on 4 year old macbook pro... not so much on the/this newer one (both work machines, slowly moving into the newer one, but still in older machine for daily driver until all moved in)... Both machines running high sierra and latest chrome ver., logged into chrome as same user, so same extension set up, etc (don't think anything is conflicting...sort of bare bones for a while...total side bar: actually trimmed down extensions in the hopes I could get checker plus to stop erroring out during repeated "deletions"...as in, going down the email list just clicking the trash can as needed to trim the list...upon repeated attempts, will eventually error out and stop functioning until reload/refresh, after which some quantity of already "deleted" emails will pop back in tot he list...I still have not figured that one out unless that just a google issue of getting too many commands in a row sort fo thing). Anyway, sorry to cloud the issue at hand... Thanks so much for your responsiveness... will need to contribute again...you do some fine and very useful work, Sir.
  • sorry, didn't answer your initial question either.... it is my recollection that clicking inside the popup does not resolve the white side bar issue...
  • A quick solution for now is to use the Settings menu top right > Display Density > Comfortable
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