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Bug adding days to an "All day" event

Hi Jason, I often all day events and sometimes, I need to add more days to an event. to do this, I clic on right side of event and drop to the day I want. But when I refresh the calendar, the event no longer is an "All day" status, it becomes an event with 0:00 time. Can you please fix that bug ? Thank you for your great job.


  • Which calendar view are you using?
    can you send me a screenshot?
  • edited October 2017
    I'm using the popup view, by clicking on the icon close to the address bar of the browser. How to send screenshots ? I didn't find how.
  • yes and which view within the popup, month, week, day, agenda, list etc?
  • Month. Why when I'm writing a comment to reply to this post, the font is in white ? ???
  • edited October 2017
    lol, I didn't even know that feature existed :)
    This 0:00 bug will be fixed in the next version thank you.

    For the white font issue: Can you hold the Mac buton + R on this page to do a hard cache refresh and let me know if that white text problem is still there.
  • Ravi de t'apprendre quelque chose ! :D The font is still in white, only in the new post field
  • edited October 2017
    hmm can you try that Mac button + R on new post field page and see if it's still white text?
    but don't submit the new post, just test the writing.
    if it fails can you send me the errors on that page ..
    Right click anywhere in the page > Inspect > Console tab > Send me the errors

  • No error displayed. How can I send to you screenshots ? I have no button to attach files
  • for Mac https://support.apple.com/HT201361
    and then you can paste it directly into this box
  • I know how to make a screenshot, my problem is in this forum, how to attach the image?The paste function doesn't work.
  • you can also use the image upload button...

  • I don't have this icon, do you have an email address to send you a screenshot ?
  • you can find it in the top right of this site About > Contact
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