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Toggle to disable the blocker in popup.html and options.html

Could you please add a toggle so I can temporarily disable the blocker (without having to do it in chrome extension settings)? 


  • Is there a reason in particular for this?
    Is it hiding something you want to see, which webmail and which element?
  • If I want temporarily enable ad's, It would be less inconvenient to just be able to toggle this in the popup menu, rather than have to right-click the Webmail Ad Blocker icon, and then go to it's chrome://extensions page, and then hit disable. When I want to enable it again the icon won't be in the extension icon bar, so I have to go to "More tools" > "Extensions" > Then search for "Webmail Ad Blocker" and click the enable toggle there. Could you please help me make this process a bit faster, by adding a disable/enable toggle to the popup menu?
  • I don't think you answered my question, why would you want to enable the ads when viewing your emails?
  • As I've pasted above, for non-saavy web users it is not immediately obvious how to disable/turn off your ad blocker when it is necessary.  You've asked why & I'll answer:  When one is needing to fill out online government forms or the DMV, etc, they ask for ad blockers to be disabled so their pop ups don't get screwed up. I tried searching how to disable webmail Ad Blocker on your FAQ/Forum pages and zip/nada.  Please paste the answer on your site where it's easy to find it.  Thanks! ~Nicole
  • edited December 2017
    @5a2711e1c270a Thanks for the answer, so technically my "webmail" ad blocker is limited to only 3 "webmail" sites, gmail, yahoo and outlook. My extension does not run or have permission to run on any other sites including government websites or otherwise. So disabling it will not have any impact. I will add faq on how to disable extension but really a google of "disable extensions" will answer your question on how to do it for any browser you are using.
  • @5a2711e1c270a fyi I just did a search on my own site for "disable extensions" and I already had the info there :) ... https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Disable_extensions
  • Thanks, Jason. I found the steps on the "How Do I Pauwze It? forum question, too.  ~ Nicole
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