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SUGGESTION: New app that responsively zooms in on webpages

Hi Jason,

I'm not sure if you do requests for new chrome apps, but I cant think of anyone else that would get this done right and in style. So here goes.

So I really like your apps, they rock. I work on an average sized monitor, often doing a lot of reading online that requires zooming in and out a lot. Anyway, I've been searching the chrome store for an app that did not simply zoom (in/out) on a webpage, but also readjusts the page's HTML, CSS, JS, etc. so that all text and content remains in view while sizing up. Thus avoiding the need for side scrolling when zooming in by a lot. 
Sadly, I could not find any such app. There are of course some webpages that are responsive in this way to any zooming app, but not all of them, and that bugs me like no ones' business. Except that I would like to make it your business now too. 

You seem to have a good sense of what online users want in browser apps, and also made only killer apps thus far. I think this zoom app would be mildly killer though since it only zooms (boohoo), so maybe it will be like a bite from a baby rattle snake. 
Please make it happen? I can't pay you of course, but all the proceeds if any, would all be yours (obviously).

P.s. I attached a snap shot so you can see the abomination that is 'un-adjusted', unresponsive page content.
I do hope you'll budge.

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