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Feature request: refresh gmail tab(s) when viewing mail through extension

It seems that the Gmail tabs automatically disable refreshing after being open for some time. The result is that when I mark an email as read through the extension, it's still marked as new within the gmail tabs.

It would be quite useful if the extension would trigger a "fetch new mail" action in the open gmail tab(s).


  • great suggestion, although it is my experience that the gmail tabs do eventually refresh on their own. how long are you waiting?
  • While actually looking at (and using) the tab about 15 seconds I suppose. After which I usually force the reload myself.

    In the background the tab can be active for several days and it does refresh once in a while since it does notice that new messages have arrived.
  • I'm running a little test to see how long it would take when the tab is focussed and active (selecting mails and such) and it appears to take either:
     - several minutes of waiting (tried 2 times)
     - switching folders
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