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Idea for new web application

Hello, I am a highschooler who uses both your gmail checker and your drive checker.  I absolutely love both and I believe they come in handy quite often.  As I am aware that you are good at integrating google services into your web applications, I have a recommendation for a possible new application: a classroom plugin.  The way I see this working is something along the lines of your drive where is shows a list of the different classes that you are enrolled in and when clicked shows all work and due dates as it would on a normal classroom page.  I would also find it useful to have a tab part that is like your calendar plugin where it only shows the assignments from google classroom on their respective due dates.  I have been thinking about contacting my school's IT to see what I can do to popularise your plugins around my campus as I think many of my classmates will find them useful, however I know that if there was a classroom application, I would be able to make a much more compelling argument.  I realise that creating a web app takes a lot of work so I understand that it is a commitment, however I believe that it will help many students such as myself.  
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