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Checker Plus for Gmail automatically word-wraps my reply


When I send a reply via the extension's popup, it word-wraps my text automatically, a behavior I didn't ask for. How do I disable it? Thanks.


  • I did that, and now one of the accounts shows an incorrect number of unread mails, 40 instead of 207. Is it a known issue?
  • yeah with a high unread count larger than 20 the numbers retrieved are sometimes estimates.
  • They were accurate before. Can't you use the other method to get the accurate amount?
    As it seems now, I have to choose between a forced word-wrap and minor things like not being able to view a quote, between having an inaccurate unread count. None of this is critically important, but both are inconvenient.
  • One solution is reduce those unread emails or monitor different labels in the Options > Accounts/Labels
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