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Lost icons in non Material design mode

I'm not sure when it starts but lost "Delete", "Forward" and other icons. Reinstall didn't help.
I'm sorry for non-English screenshot I'm Windows newby and not sure where to change interface to English.


  • This is a very old design, you must re-install the extension and use the default options with Material Design. That old design is not supported anymore.
  • @Jason Sad to hear. It was simple laconic design. Will use it without icons. Anyway thank you for your software I used it for years.
  • same here. i do not like material design, and i'm forced to use it w/o icons. it seems that even payed version will not support old design. i do not understand why, but for now, or use it in "blind" mode, or material or not at all. 
    i'd like to install old version and stop auto update, but that also do not work. author obviously did some "tweak" and by-pass every registry tweak to disable autoupdate. 
  • @VanjaLovretić Sorry but such tweaking does not exist and I am not interesting in that. As a developer I must improve my product everyday and keep it secured an easy to update, I supported the 2 versions for a year now and listened to everyone's feedback before changing the default to the Material Design. More info https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/1577/about-the-new-material-design-look

    Note: I will be completely removing the old code in the next update because only 1% are using it now and trying to maintain it is slowing my progress with fun new features.

    I recommend using the other Gmail notifiers on the Chrome Store which have old designs.
  • i have two extensions which are better working in old versions. in both, same procedure for disable update works.
    with your - that is impossible. no mather what i do, extension autoupdate itself every few days, weeks. 
    about "other notifiers", i looked at them already, but single one do not works as your and that is compliment to you. 
    i do not know is your aspiration to material design connected to windows 10, but there is very big number of users of windows 7.
    i'd be more than willing to pay some ammount of money for working extension with old design. 
    you say that you "cannot support a great extension by splitting my efforts with 2 designs.". so, can you make one version of old design (v18 is imho very very stabile) available and disable autoupdate in it? 

    or, at least, can you make some theme for material design to look as old one? material design is big, flashy, too much colours, too much space needed on screen... 

    and, if you are willing to admit, there is regulary same question on forum about old design is breaking and why. so, that 1% is something that i can't believe so easy. 

  • yes, i forgotten - earlyer, it was possible to change colour of account. now, even that is impossible. every single possible change is payed option. ok, what is minimum ammount for payed options, and how many options will i unlock with minimum payment, or as you say - contribution?
  • @VanjaLovretić All Chrome extensions auto-update and there is nothing I can do with that, unless you can show me the instructions on how to disable it, but I would not do that for security reasons. The new versions supports skins and themes, there a lot of them now. You can make the new version look just like the old one (and you'll still have access to all the new features) More info https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Skins_and_Themes
  • yes, i found that. but, all extra options are commercial. 
  • i'm not sure are you making joke of me, or what. some time ago, i asked you, from same this reason, do you have old version of your extension. you told me - no, i do not have it. hm, you're developer, this is your extension, and you do not have old version somewhere. hardly to believe.
    now, you telling me that you do not know how to stop auto update? hey, i'm just home user, ok, with some knowledge, and i know how to do it. and you do not. 
    i appreciate your work, but so far i read from this forum and f.a.q, i'm not sure that you listening users. sorry, but that is my opinion.
  • that's correct. but no matther i wrote (and some more users) you still do not want to leave old design working. :(
  • @VanjaLovretić Sorry, but I encourage change, trust me it's good for everyone or else I would be sending you this message by mail with a pen and paper ;)
  • you're still young guy. there is time that some day you'll also understand that not all changes are good.  
  • In this case "new" doesn't mean "good".
    I'm familiar with software development so I can't undestand reason to break old design. Ok I don't need upgrade and new features. Why it's nessesary to break? 
  • edited October 2017
    And for "install other extension" -- your gmail checker plus is the best.
  • @VanjaLovretić You're right, I changed the new look many times after reading all the feedback to get it right.
    If you're a developer you understand that all websites change and are migrating to a new bigger design. I also surveyed a lot of people and the old look was getting a lot of ugly comments and the new one is still getting great reviews - this is why I changed it. Let's have some fun, I recommend one of you create a theme that looks like the old one and I will refund you the contribution and add it to the collection and we'll see how many people use it. https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Skins_and_Themes
  • Ahh, it looks like I'm in the same crowd who prefer the old Classic theme with blank buttons over the new gaudy Material design.
    As I'm sure Jason's statistics can tell you, I've been using his extension for a long time so I should contribute anyway.
  • @Jason you didn't answer me about payment - what is minimum ammount, and which/how many themes and customizations will be unlocked.

    about "that all websites change and are migrating to a new bigger design" - my grandmother used to say, when i give my argument for something, "if other people jump from the roof, would you jump also?". probably something is lost in translation, but, point is that if all other move to ______ (fill the blank), than that doesn't mean that i also sjould do same thing.

    and for the end - there is no much trouble to change theme, bettery say, not need for build it from zero - remove green and use one of gray colours, make buttons smaller, use small font and condensed view. and that is similar to old design, or at least, i'd be sattisfied with it.
  • @VanjaLovretić You can contribute any amount you want. And for the colors, smaller buttons, smaller font - those skins already exist! Users have been creating beautiful themes also the list is very large now ... https://jasonsavard.com/skins
  • yes, they exist, but they are commercial.
  • Sad to hear that. Old design is still better for me. I have tried new skins they are still looks ugly and not comfortable for me.
    Thanks for great app, though I guess I would not use it anymore
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