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Error Code:1848

Get error 1848 when I change widget size in options . At times when I go to Themes and Skins the content does not scroll. Two Issues sorry. Great App Mr Green.


  • Can you reinstall the extension.
    Also why is that options page in the screenshot so small?
    And why is the background black?
    My assumption is you have interfering software or extension.
    Is this options page appearing inside the widget of a new tab page?
  • I have tried to reinstall it twice and I can't track down the error, its black I assumed be i changed to dark mode that is when it showed up that way, it's small because I have several apps open...no the options page is not appearing in a new tab. Thanks
  • ok i will be fixing the Widget options issue.
    as for the scrolling issue with the Theme & Skins.. can you repeat everytime? and give me instructions on how to.
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