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Some events from some calendars are not visible

NOTE: For some reason, this site is saying I'm NOT using the Stable channel of Chrome. but that's not true. it's the latest version of Chrome (for Linux) ...

The extension is AWESOME!
However, some events from some specific calendars (not the whole calendar, JUST SOME EVENTS) don't show up.

I double checked and those calendars are selected and the events are visible @ calendar.google.com.
I also disabled and re-enabled the extension as well as "refresh" button


  • Do you have a lot of events or recurring events?
    Can you find any pattern to these missing events?
    Are they all from the same calendar?
  • It's very weird .. now they're there (after checking out one calendar - and disappeared again when putting it back)

    However I think the issue is not that. In fact I notice in the header (as I scroll down where the missing events are) - starting from September 2017 ("TODAY") - it gets a bit crazy. when scrolling down..

    Sometimes just shows October 2017, other times July 2017 (yes, scrolling DOWN), once even October 201!8 ...
  • ah you're using the Agenda view, yeah it's meant for a quick glance, does the issue happen with the other views? month, week, list etc.
  • in the 'list' view for example no issue
  • I also found another issue with the 'list' view: while yesterday it was working correctly, now when I try to go to "following week" the header is updated but nothing happens. If I click again the arrow "following week" it starts loading and gets stuck there.

    On the other hand, 'agenda' view now seems to work correctly
  • Did you try re-installing the extension?

    Let's see if there any errors and if you can send them to me https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs
  • No I didn't. but I'm pretty sure it'd work as it was working and it just stops working randomly.

    This is the only error I see:

    Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: storage.storeDate is not a function
        at shouldShowExtraFeature (checkerPlusForCalendar.js:1017)
        at polymerPromise.then (popup.js:4051)
        at <anonymous>
  • lets try re-installing just to make sure that's not causing an issue.
    i despise these "random" bugs hard to solve :(
  • ok, done.

    I updated Chrome and wow the version error is not shown any longer (but it was stable anyway, as installed directly from "download chrome" page - not canary).

    I also noticed when I re-opened Chrome, the extension asked to re-auth and asked also contacts access (when I re-installed the extension it was only calendar). why?

    Further, I found another small bug: when editing calendars' default reminders, only some are synced correctly with Google Calendar (I changed 4 reminders - of which one added - and 2 of them didn't update in Google Calendar)
  • You probably previously granted the contacts permission when using the Invite Guests option in a previous install and when using the install it remembered that and bundled them together.

    I'd like to figure out the default reminders issue if you could simply the test for me to replicate it with instructions.
  • it's hard to replicate as many bugs. The closest is : you have 3 calendars with some mixed reminders as default (email / pop up). modify the time of some of those, the type of some of those and add 1 to one of the calendars 
  • Same issue here.

    I've just realized by chance that some events are not visible in the Agenda view. No pattern identified. Luckily I realized this before a disaster because I was relying on your extension (& the Agenda view) to keep up with my daily schedule. Any further ideas on this?

    Thanks much!

  • @OnvyVIVO If you could send me screenshots of the issue and identify the missing events then let me know. Otherwise I guarantee all other views will show your events if they don't let me know also. Note: That none of this affects the events on the button nor the notifications.
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