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Chromebook Plus

I bought a new chromebook plus and it was fine for the 1st day, but after I downloaded some things my screen is jostling sometimes non-stop and apps are opening and shutting down on their own as well as windows.

I'm computer illiterate, but very literate so if I get some detailed instructions I'll probably be able to fix the problem. It actually says that I'm using a non-stable channel of chrome.


  • There are no screen shots, because it really wouldn't show anything other than like 20 open tabs, which happen in about 60 seconds
  • This doesn't appear to be an extension issue so I will refer you to this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Chrome_issues
  • Jason, I too am having this Jitter-zoom / open/close apps&files issue, on resume from sleep, with a new DELL Chromebook11 3189 .

    While I'm sure this has nothing to do with your extension.. the extension flags me as using a non-stable channel.  How can I be using a non-stable channel, as it's ChromeOS stock??
  • edited October 2017
    @ScottRichards Maybe Carlos figured this out, have you tried googling around?
    It's also weird that my os detection is failing for the ChromeOS it seems like it stuck compared to the others which are all on v62 according this source https://jasonsavard.com/Chrome-Channel-Releases
  • Hi Jason,
    That jitter issue is a Dell issue.  I finally found it last month. Their work-around:    .......  Shift/Search(caplock key)/T   Toggles the touch-screen on/off. It's related to the touch driver on wake-up.
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