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Outlook.com ad space reappeared as of this morning

The ads in Outlook.com are still blocked, but the sidebar has reappeared (it's just blank).  I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the extension and restarting Chrome to no avail.



  • Can you search for the "RightRailContainer" element and select it and then send me a screenshot of the whole page including the styles on the right.
    You can do a search by placing the focus in the elements window and doing Ctrl+F and then do next next until you find the element as you see in my screenshot.

  • Here it is.  I dragged the Element window to full size.  Let me know if anything that you need is cut off and I can scroll down and take another screenshot.  Thanks for your help.

  • ok excellent feedback, now i'm trying to find the element that highlights the area in blue as in my screenshot below. you can highlight an area by clicking the element in the elements windows. in my case it's the "MainContent" element but in your page it seems like they renamed can you try selecting the "ContentRight WithRightRail..." element (it is just above the RightRailContiner" that you have in your last screenshot, and again send me the screenshot, sorry for the troubles but i can't reproduce the problem here so i'm using your eyes and debugging skills :)

  • PS. That element does highlight the same areas you indicated.  I just left the browser window out of the screenshot.  Thanks.
  • edited March 2014
    ok were getting very close, now in the same area on the right side of the element window under the .WithRightRail, can you change the value or "right: 160px"  and change it to "right: 0"
    and then tell me if that instantly removes the right side space issues in the page? if it does can you play around with the page like clicking the different folders and opening a compose window and closing it etc. just to test everything out.

  • Yep that does it!
  • Ok, can uninstall the extension and re-install to version 3.3.4 - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/webmail-ad-blocker/cbhfdchmklhpcngcgjmpdbjakdggkkjp/details
    and then test everything by clicking around your outlook and maybe sure there are not alignment issues and get back to me, your my offiical tester for this one :)
  • Success!!  Everything looks good.  Thanks so much for your help and dedication!!
  • thank you for following my instructions to the tee and for the quick responses.
  • Jason I  installed 3.3.4 https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/webmail-ad-blocker/cbhfdchmklhpcngcgjmpdbjakdggkkjp/details and it worked perfectly, thanks for your very fast fix and concern, you are the best!!!!! Will you have a fix for outlook on firefox? I am using FF 28 and have web ad blocker 4.24 which no longer works. Sincerely
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