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One-Time 'Lifetime' Donation/Contribution?

Hey Jason, how open are you to the idea of offering a one-time 'lifetime' donation/contribution that would give a user all the benefits of a monthly subscription for life as a 'Flat-Fee Purchase' of your Extension Suite?

I've attached an image to clarify my intent.

Oh and P.S. a few years ago, I made a small contribution and bought your gmail checker and calendar checker (an address with " roman*@*domain* ")

But frankly, I'm too lazy to dig through old email accounts in the rare chance i'll find a receipt.
I'm starting my own business and would happily help fund your development again if you're not unequivocally opposed to the 'Lifetime' pricing model.



  • Well the whole mechanism is already in place with a monthly contribution via the Contribute page of the screenshot extension. Is there a particular reason you do not want to use the monthly payment method? Note it can be any amount.

  • Understood. Thanks for responding. Well, I can't say there's a particularly strong reason other than my inclination to want to feel as if I 'own' a set of software tools. But in a world where everything is "SaaS/Paas/Iaas" haha - I know that's an increasingly unrealisitc expectation.

    I'll probably end up making a small monthly as you suggested.
    Wanted to simply reach out and ask. Cheers.
  • edited September 2017
    EDIT: I'm redacting my earlier post as I stumbled upon something new I'd like to ask.

    I wasn't aware that you offered google domain pricing of 5 users for 2.99 month and it would apply to a single domain - for example @domain.com

    So, here's my situation - that sounds very enticing and I would love to subscribe to that 5 user plan asap. However, my 5 users are realistically only 1 paid for G Suite Account due to budgetary restraints and the rest are email alias' like so:

    Is there a way of me signing up for your 5 user plan - while actually using a set of email alias' similar to the ones seen above?
    1 Google Domain Gsuite user
    1-2 Developers who I work with, and create email alias' for
    1-2 Customer Support Alias' that are monitored/automated like support@ and invoice@ for example.

    PS - I want to upgrade from G Suite Basic to the $10 Business Tier, another reason why I may appear to be cheap/stingy with these questions :)
  • As long as all emails end with the same @domain.com then you're fine ie. melnik@melnikcompany.com, support@melnikcompany.com or invoice@melnikcompany.com then the will fit under the 5 user license. is that what you meant?
  • Hi Jason, sorry for my slow response - yes that is what I was trying to say. So you've answered my question. Thanks.

    For now, I have decided to do a monthly contribution of $1 CAD so I can access myself, but in the future I'd like to revisit the 5 license deal.

    One last question I'm hoping you can clarify; will this 5 license deal work with alias' and google groups'? In other words, if I don't want to pay for the extra seats in my Google Admin Settings, and instead opt to give my users alias' or Google Group Access to a Shared Inbox (https://support.google.com/a/answer/167430?hl=en) - will your 5 license, single domain deal still work?

  • Yes it will. If there's any issue let me know.
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