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Suggestion: Voice notification limited to "Sentence"

I like the option to hear Sender/Subject/Message, or almost any combination of those three, and I like the option to limit the voice to Whole Email/Paragraph/Summary.

It would be nice though to also have the option to read out X sentences, where X is a positive integer and a sentence is a set of words defined by the following regex expression which was written without the aid of a net, in one go, with no reference to regex books, and on only one cup of coffee - which is highly dangerous in itself....


Just a thought, as it bugs me more than it should when the voice stops mid sentence in a Summary :)

Keep up the good work! (I already donated a piddling small amount but will continue to do so as long as I use the software and you continue to appear to be alive)


  • The regex is a start, but I would need to take in account the following conditions...

    1) possibly no periods in the sentence
    2) Short 1st sentence. But continue reading the 2nd sentence. (noticed how i structured this sentence purposely for testing, yes i know it's grammatically incorrect in this scenario :)
    3) languages with no periods or different punctuation marks (upsidedown ! in spanish for instance)
    4) ideally if that regex could accept the parameter for number of sentences and do all the work (without code, but now i'm being difficult :)
  • Hey, I'd be happy with an "insert your own regex here" option :)
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