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Grey Box with three dots (...) shows all the time on Calendar icon in bar

Since Fx 55 grey box with three dots (...) shows all the time on Calendar icon in bar.  When you move the mouse over the icon it displays a black box which says Loading...


  • Yeah frustrating, I might have jumped the gun with Firefox as it's still unstable with the latest web technologies that I employ with my Chrome extensions.
  • Nah, I don't think you've jumped the gun.  I've been using these extensions with Fx for about 7 months and I think this is the first issue I've had with the Calendar.  Just a FYI, I also tested this with Nightly which is Fx 57 and it is behaving the same, so looks like whatever changed has apparently been carried forward.
  • I am investigating the issue, it's a complicated clash between the Polymer framework and FullCalendar framework that i'm using.
  • Looks like you fixed it with the latest update.  Thanks!
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