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Event Time in reminder notification pop-up should be prominent



  • ok i've added the time of event to rich text notifications in v28.1 @ZaCloud StriFair

  • super!

  • Unfortunately still needs a lot of work given Rich Text doesn't show date, which is must have to be useful. Meanwhile the other flavor doesn't show time nor date but shows in how many days

    See attached

  • So there are limits to how much text can be displayed in these notifications, I can see it was cutoff because the event title took a lot of space.

  • Understood but that needs to be accounted for and typical.. Can you wrap?

  • If you can find examples of what other notifications look like or perhaps the native calendar ones, I can try to mimic them - note the reason the popup window is the default is because there's a lot more room to play with and create on mouse hover actions.

  • dude, just need to clearly display date & time..what can i say

  • edited August 1

    Most likely I cannot fit that characters: event title + event start time + event end time + event calendar in a rich notification. Perhaps a solution is I can trim the even title to 20 characters etc. that way I'll always have space to display the start time.

  • Great idea, thanks!

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