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Event Time in reminder notification pop-up should be prominent

This is an old sore spot and mention to feedback sooner - wish the time was bold/green too; it's barely readable in its current form which reduces the usefulness of the popup.  


  • ok easy suggestion, i guess i never use that time myself as i just look at the clock, would you bold just the time and and leave the "x hours left" in light gray as is?
  • bold both and make the font larger say like address font size
  • ok, i'll see what works, but you probably noticed there's a lot of info there for an event and it's a struggle with space and visual appeal.
  • u can do it :-), u got the power
  • any chance you can tackle this soon?  would be really helpful, thanks.
  • it's in the queue, i've just finished my round of gmail checker bugs and i will be getting to these calendar ones as you can see it's keeping me busy ...

  • great, thanks..like it 32. should also be larger as well as darker (more prominent)
  • sorry looks like and ideally have Day and Date
  • was hoping you would have tackled this by now - really would be helpful if you could do this?  thanks.
  • it was done in my latest release, please read the changelog https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Checker_Plus_for_Google_Calendar_changelog
  • Super but it looks the same - do i need to config something?
  • my bad, i'm still on 22.0.4
  • can u let me know when you push the update to all
  • For large updates like this you will get an update notification. or you can force it with a reinstall, https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates
  • Definitely better - thanks.  Still wish it a little bigger font-wise and any chance you could make the label "6 days (12/13/17)" instead of just "6 days" ?
  • Really need the date & time for this to be useful..too many times I find myself opening the link to just find that out, so it would be nice step/time saver. really wish you would address?

  • I prioritize suggestions by the number of people per suggestion, these are currently at the top...

  • does this factor into who contributed too?

  • No, I never sort issues by how much people pay or don't. Just by popularity.

  • Understood, just would appreciate you making exception given I've asked multiple times over a long period of time

    Now it doesn't even show the time..confused....and have to goto calendar to find out..am i doing something wrong?

  • edited June 2021

    So I see you are now using the rich notification as opposed to the default popup notification. It should be noted that I made adjustments to popup notification in the past for you. The popup notification also offers allows for much more space and thus details for the events, such as it's time and time elapsed and even next notification times - by hovering over the time.

  • Ok, but can you add time of event to rich text notifications?

  • ok i'll queue it.

  • hope it is soon because they are basically useless with date and time

  • and thanks

  • So just to note you seem to have different rich notifications than I see, this could be due to Chrome flags or version etc.

  • hmmm and you make a good point because i think this must be recent..otherwise I would have whined sooner..use a lot

    Google Chrome is up to date

    Version 91.0.4472.114 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    6 flags on

  • ok i'm working on adding the time to the rich notificaiton, however, during my tests I just realized you can't dismiss the events with the little top right X, it simply retoasts 1 minute later. Has this been your experience?

  • not sure given i'm pretty diligent about checking/snoozing..will try

  • I'm rootin' for you guys! I've been hoping for the same thing. :)

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