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I recently contributed money to you. I am a Senior on SS and have a very limited income. After the contribution went through my bank account, the next day an unauthorized debit to my account in the amount of $.06 went through.  Why in the hell do you need another $.06 from an elderly man?


  • edited August 2017
    The payment services I use don't charge any micro amounts such as the one you mentioned, my guess is it's related to your banking services, but regardless send me the details of your initial contribution, either email confirmation or paypal or stripe reference number and the date and amount of your contribution. I will then refund you that amount.
  • Thanks for the info, I have just refunded you the $2.00 you initially paid, I will investigate this $0.06 charge that occurred 4 days later, but I suspect this might be related to your bank or card as I have no details of that transaction on my side.
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