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Suggestion: keep the popup active after a link is clicked in the Checker Plus

I really like to manage read/unread messages myself, so I can keep those emails that are unread or partially read marked as unread. Is there any way to disable 'mark as read' after I click on the email in the Checker Plus main window? Or you may have a better idea. I think what bothers me is that when I click on the link in the Checker Plus, it will open the link in a new tab (as expected) but also close the Checker Plus (while the email is partially read). Since the Checker Plus I set up only displays unread emails, I have to go to the Gmail to either mark that email unread before I forget (and continue with the tab that was newly open via the link) or I would delete that email if the link is the only thing important in the email.

I mean... I'm quite spoiled by the Checker Plus. I really don't want to open Gmail to do any actions if possible ;)

Thanks in advance!


  • edited March 2014
    1) Check out the options under the "General" tab for disabling the mark as read.
    2) Refer to this for showing unread emails - http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Checker_Plus_for_Gmail#This_extension_only_shows_my_unread_mail.2C_why_not_my_read_mail
    3) Another trick is holding Ctrl while clicking links (not sure which mac key that is usually though) in an email that will open the tab in the background so you can keep reading the email
  • I totally missed that in the General...

    And thanks for the Ctrl trick. That is very slick, but it still closes Checker Plus window and hop onto the newly opened tab (by the way, I am on Mac, if that matters). Anyhows, disabling 'mark as read' does the trick. Thanks!!!
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