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I have a need....


I understand it's your voice on the alerts. I need you to record a specific mail message for me. I want (and yes, it's from Trippin' the Rift':)

"You've got fucking mail"

If you do this and explain how to integrate it into the voice messaging I will happily give you £20, or £25 to your favourite charity.

Looking forward to your response...


  • edited March 2014
    You realize you can upload your own sounds, right? More info http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Sound_notifications_for_emails
    and note that my voice is only used in the "You've got mail" sound effect
    but if what you're really looking for is my voice still - well i don't swear a lot so it might not work ;)
  • I do understand that. The whole point is that your "You've got mail" is a superbly relaxing voice of a cool, in command programmer. The kind of Guy we all look towards for hints, tips and guidance.

    Kinda God Like, if you will.

    But you are not comfy doing it. I understand..

    Jeez, what a Prima Donna.....

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