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That Wemail AdBocker switches itself off when not in email & switches itself back on whn email again

It would be good to have Webmail Ad Blocker switch itself off after signing out of an email address and switch itself back on when signing in to an email address again,or to at least provide a pop up question when the browser encounters that we are going to sign in to an email address to pop up a question asking if you want to turn Webmail Ad Blocker on again ..

In Windows 10 I have a lot of problems as do many people of getting things to complete quickly or things not to freeze because windows 10 has this annoying thing where too many processes are left running in task manager and you can t do anything to switch most of them off .

That means it s dif to run too many browser extensions at the same time so I and I m sure others have to do this too we have to go into add ons and either enable or disable extensions all the time to let things run smoother in windows 10 .

It s a brilliant programme Webmail Ad Blocker but a bit of a pain that we have to keep going in to add ons to either enable it for when we need to use it with email or disable it again when not at email so as windows 10 can run better. It s mayb  e a good option for Webmail Ad Blocker to switch itself off IE disable itself when not in email and at least offer a question when browser encounters email sign in again asking do you want to enable Webmail Ad Blocker again or to automatically itself reenable itself when we sign back into an email address again .

Yours faithful,


  • edited August 2017
    The Webmail Ad Blocker extension is literally the smallest and simplest of all my extensions by far and it has virtually no memory footprint. It is also limited access to 3 webmail sites meaning it cannot affect the speed of any other website. Ironically if I were to add the logic you suggest it would become bigger and bloated and take up more memory.
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