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Removing notification will alway remove the one in the bottom

Hi Jason... When I create an event with (automatic)  multiple set notification, If I want to remove the first one (in the pictures below, for example , the 1 day Notification), it will always remove the last one in the bottom (in the example, the 10 minutes notification).. Same thing if I remove the 2 hours notification in my example: Always removing the last one..

I think this is an issue because in order to remove only one notification, I must remove all of them and then, and recreate the notifications I want..

Thanks for your answer :-)


  • excellent bug finding and screenshot, makes my life easier to fix them, which I have just done in v21.1.7.4 - wait for the update or re-install to force it now.
    thanks again.
  • Thanks for your quick answer and fix... :-)
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