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Sound notification not working

Just recently sound notification is not working. Uninstalled, reinstalled, checked all settings. Don't know what is going on.


  • Try going through this complete list of solutions https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Sound_issues
  • Thank you, I have tried all those troubleshooting steps and it is still not working. I am using the "falling beep" (not a custom sound) so I wouldn't think that would be too large of a file.
    It wasn't working last week and when I uninstalled/reinstalled that did the trick. 
    Any other suggestions?

  • and if you click the test play sound sound button in the Options > Notifications, does it work then?
  • Yes it does work then.
  • Ok so it's not a sound issue but rather a notification sound not occuring when you get a specific emails, have you configured any specific sounds in the Options > Accounts/Labels section? or have you checked or uncheck any label there. Can you send me a screenshot of them?
  • Auto Detect signed in accounts is what is checked in the Account/Labels section. I only have one email account I use in chrome.
  • Do you get visual desktop notifications? with no sound associated?
  • No, not anymore. No sound or visual.
  • Completed the list of troubleshooting again.
    Getting the pop-up, still no sound notification.
  • so when an email arrives now you get a notification? but no sound?
  • Cleared Cache and Cookies and it all stared working again. Interesting, but happy!!!
  • I get visual notification but no sound. Also the "test voice' button does not work. 
  • @BobThomson Did you go through all the links in this thread? Did you try restarting the browser? Can you start a new thread if you still have issues as I don't want to bother Angela since she solved the issue.
  • yes and it was no help
  • Notice: After receiving a major Window 10 update it may appear that the sound notification does not work. The problem may be due to this update and not lie with Checker Plus. So investigate before adjusting Checker Plus.
  • I'm having a similar problem. I tried all 11 steps in the troubleshooting and everything appears to be set properly. (note: step 8 should be "left", not "right") When I test the sound in options - it works. When mail comes in it goes to proper folder, buttons shake, email previews pop up - but no sound.
  • I'm having exactly the same problem - haven't changed settings since it used to work.  Chrome/Win10.
    - sound and voice tests work in options
    - popup notifications arrive with no sound for labels set up for sound (using 3 different native sounds, or "Always speak")
  • edited January 2018
    @DavidBrenner Have you tried everything in this list, note I recently added the chrome flags issue https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Sound_issues
  • Jason -

    The Chrome Flags suggestion was very useful.  I had the Autoplay Policy set to user activation required (I hate videos that start playing when a page is sent remotely to the browser) - but apparently that turned off the sound/voice notifications.

    Working fine now (and I'm stuck with autoplay...).
  • Hello. Same problem here. I'm using Checker Plus for Gmail extension both on the new MS EDGE (based on Chromium) and BRAVE (64 bit). On Edge everything is OK (sound and text notification working) but on Brave only text is working (I see the notification but not sound). In Brave /option the sound test is working ( I can hear Ultranova sound) but when mail arrive: no sound! I checked both browser options: no differences. Any help? Thanks you anyway for your excellent extension. Best Regards. Albert

  • @Albert Does the issue happen only on startup or anytime you receive an email? Can you send me the error logs: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs

  • Issue happens anytime I receive an email. About the logs, I'm sorry but I just was able to "navigate" to the following screen (see attached screenshot). What must I do now, I mean what log have I to send you and how. Thanks again. Albert

  • Ok that's the logs, however I forgot to mention can you send yourself an email to replicate the issue first and then send me the logs.

  • Ok thanks. This is what I see after I sent me a mail:

  • @Albert Thank you this is Brave browser specific, I've opened a ticket with the Brave team, you can follow it here: https://community.brave.com/t/domexception-play-can-only-be-initiated-by-a-user-gesture/120948

  • OK, Let's hope they can fix it. Thank you again for your kind helpfulness. Best regards

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