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Can you please build a checker for outlook webmail?

edited July 2017 in General
The biggest pain point for anyone using Linux and their employer enforcing Microsoft stack for communication is unavailability of a good email client with Exchange support. But if you consider outlook webapp, it is not that bad, except that it does not even generate desktop notifications (like gmail) even if you left it running in a tab. If there was a checker extension, similar to your gmail checker, using cookies, from a renowned developer such as yourself, which announced new emails, I and many other Linux users will certainly jump on it. I say 'using cookies' because there are some extensions, but they ask for username and password, it does not feel safe. And your profile of extensions will demand trust, even if you too come to use username and password, I would share them with your extension at least.

So the gist is, can you please build an extension for outlook web?
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