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Desktop Notification in Chrome 59

Hi Jason, what about a new desktop notification in Chrome 59 version? 
Can not set length of display, too little information I see in it, etc.

Edit: I have now received a notification that I do not even see the sender at all :/


  • Hey long time :) It seems Chrome for Mac prefers those standard and smaller native notifications of Mac so I can't do anything about that. I did recently fix the sender not showing though, you can force it by re-installing to v20.1.4.

    More info about new notifications
  • Thanks Jason. Can we at least extend the time for notifications?
  • You can set that in the extension Options > Notifications > Close after...

  • I know about that option but it does not work. Close after 3 seconds.
    Anyway thank you for the response, I guess it will work as it should after some updates :)
  • You're right i'll open this bug thanks.
  • Apparently you can get the old behavior by disabling native notifs. in chrome://flags/#enable-native-notifications
  • @SebastianDelValle ;

    Thanks Sebastian! Now it works just as I like.
  • I'm running V20.1.5.3 on 60.0.3112.90 on Mac OS. Still not seeing the sender in the notification, only my own email address. Forced a reinstall and disabled native notifications, did not resolve the issue.
  • @SamBlack How many accounts do have setup in the extension?
    and can you send me a screenshot of notification? Please note that I do not support or detect chrome flag modifications. Does the issue happen without the chrome flag modification?
  • @SebastianDelValle thanks, works like a charm!
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