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Not blocking New Yahoo! Mail ads above e-mail


  •   Hello,

      Congratulations for your plugin, works great with the old yahoo interface, but hence they have a new UI available, your plugin doesn't hide the ads any more, it might need a minor change in order to be functional.

      Best regards
  • edited June 2017
    @RaduDan and all...
    I have just updated the Chrome extension to v5.0.4 for the new yahoo, give it a try be re-installing the extension.
  • Hi Jason, The updated plugin now hides the panel on right but there's a small blank panel above the email list. Please see the red area in the screenshot below. Thanks

  • edited July 2017
    @UttamKumarSamal I'm waiting just another few weeks for this new Yahoo look to settle before attempting to remove that 1st email block (ad) - the reason i hesitate is that if Yahoo changes their code again I could be blocking the 1st email block - which might actually be a real email and not an ad
  • Ok that's good idea. Thank you very much.
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