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Inbox by Gmail Selection

When I activate Inbox by Gmail, a popup displays saying "Use this option only if you have activated 'Inbox by Gmail'.
To reduce notifications, monitor the Primary label instead of the Inbox".

I don't understand how selecting the primary label would change anything?


  • The inbox label is the classic Gmail inbox. The primary label monitors emails with the primary label which is determined by Inbox by Gmail. They do not fetch the same emails.
  • Inbox by Gmail doesn't use the Primary Label terminology to the best of my knowledge. For Inbox, the bundles are sent to the inbox on a defined interval (e.g. as they arrive, once a day). The bundles get sent to the inbox, which means they are in the Primary Label. The cross compatibility of this is confusing, I think you would agree. Nonetheless, you should totally make an entire new extension dedicated to Inbox, that way you wouldn't have to worry about all the cross compatibility crap. Then, the user could just choose what he/she wanted. I don't mean to be commanding, but it sounds like a decent idea to me. Do you have any thoughts about that idea?
  • Update: For Inbox, not sure if a bundle sent to the inbox puts the emails into the Primary Label for Gmail. Confusing, but I guess it really doesn't matter much as I won't be using Gmail anymore, except on occasion.
  • edited June 2017
    95% of the code between Gmail and Inbox by Gmail are the same hence the same extension. Inbox by Gmail is simply a wrapper around the same Gmail classic infrastructure with a nicer interface.

    When you have an email in your Inbox by Gmail it's actually an email with the following labels: classic inbox label + primary label
    When you mark it as "Done" the classic inbox label is removed.
    When you snooze an email: the classic inbox label is removed and then re-added after the snooze expires.

    Also maintaining 2 very similar yet complex extensions would not be very efficient for maintenance.

    Also it's unsure whether Inbox by Gmail will continue to exist as I know many people and my users who tried and given up on Inbox by Gmail.
  • Fair points on the similarities between the two products and the maintenance efficiency. Does Inbox by Gmail reminders and email snoozing work within your extension? By reminders I mean the general google reminders that all of there products have now (Keep, Google App, Calendar, etc.).
  • Negative that API has not been released yet, you can star that issue here with the Google team https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/36760283
  • So, for email snoozing...your extension will only give one notification?
  • ugh, i would really love to be able to snooze from checker plus! upvoted!
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