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Mark as read with voice

When I've enabled the setting that reads my emails, clicking the "Mark as read" button doesn't stop the voice. I've found that if I wait until AFTER I start hearing the voice to click the "Mark as read," it will stop the voice, but clicking it before she starts reading does not prevent it from reading it.

A very annoying bug with an extremely useful extension.
Thanks for your work, we appreciate it.


  • edited March 2014
    ok i'll look into, but perhaps this voice option might be better suited for you and would eliminate the voice altogether (since you present at your computer)
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  • Well I primarily use my computer for games, and so when I'm in a fullscreen game it's nice to have the extension read the email out to me and let me know if it requires my immediate attention, or if it can wait until the end of the game I'm playing.

    On a secondary note, I've asked the voice option to only read the title of the email, but it goes on to read the body of the email anyway. I've not tried uninstaling and reinstalling for this specific issue, so I didn't want to bother you with a whole new bug report.
  • Go into the Accounts / Labels tab of options - you might have to configure the voice settings per label ...

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